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Graphic Hoodie - Red



100% cotton hoodie. Pre shrunk with logo on front, embroidery, sublimation and print on the back.

The Travellers graphic hoodie is an ornament of archived history. It tells a story to those who pay close attention to its message. Repeated is the powerful statement:  “عشقت السفر من ظلم البشر", this translates to “I fell in love with traveling due to human injustice”. 

Displayed on the top right of the hoodie is an image of women in trade: a dedication to the essence of a movement; female empowerment. This is an homage to the progressive ideologies hidden amidst our history. 

Artefacts of  transportation are depicted on the bottom left, recognising how dynasties have evolved from the camels of yesteryear to the cars of today. An acknowledgement of how far we have come in society, and how much further we need to progress in humanity. While great minds exist throughout history, it is the humility and endurance of our predecessors that are the stepping stones for building for the future.

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