SS19 Al Dana Collection

This collection dedicates itself to a sacred heritage; one of inspired mystery and mastery of perseverance: the tale of Al-Dana and the Pearl divers. Legacies of a vision far beyond chasing the fruits of the sea; it is one of sacrifice and unity, blind faith and wisdom, leadership and unresigned longing. It is the art of a trade that precedes and defies the superficial means of successes today.

Hub series: Winter '18 drop now available

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Transience by Ali Shehaabi

Dubai based Photographer Ali Shehaabi explores the 'Time in between generations and spaces' in the Transience editorial which features our Pastel Pillars T-shirt.

 Ali uses the city of Dubai as a back drop to narrate that, 'what once was no longer is, and what is going to be is yet to come'. This is a city for the transient; it embraces the ambiguities of impermanence. As for those living in it; we're left in between a longing for nostalgia and an eagerness for futurism.

We represent the generation inbetween.